Chocolate brown shaggy carpet

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Looking for something to spice up the look in your interior decor?Then look no further.The sparkles shaggy carpet brings out that sterling easthetic feel in your house,with thick,strong fibers capable of trapping warmth ensuring you never feel cold indoor.
  • size available:(4 by 6,5 by 8,6 by 9,7 by 10,8 by 11)
  • Material:Acrylic yarn stands
  • Texture:It is has an acrylic,deep,thick pile of strands of yarn.
The thick pile of yarn strands gives the carpet a cushy surface and shaggy appearance
The material of the carpet retains color well,you will not have to deal with fading
The are flexible;able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending,stretching,or being compressed
They have low maintenance:you do not need expensive equipment to clean.
They bigger carpet are suitable for serene sitting room or other bigger rooms in your house.
The chocolate brown carpet blends well with cream,beige and white color in your decor.

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