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Tips on buying a carpet.

Most of the time when buying carpets most people forget to do a little research when purchasing carpets, especially new carpet buyers, therefore they end up being disappointed by the carpets they end up with. Here are some few tips to ensure you are satisfied with the new carpet you bring to your home.
  1. Your budget
When looking for a new carpet, one of the first things you need to do is set a budget – and stick to it. Consider the cost of fitting and purchasing underlay, which will prolong the durability of the carpet. How much can you afford? Carpet is like anything else – you get what you pay for. Inferior quality raw materials will affect performance and how long it will last.
  1. Determine the size want for your space
Before walking into a store and purchasing your desired carpet, you need to know the size of carpet that will fit into your living room or bedroom, would you need a carpet to fit the whole entire area or half of the area, if you are sure get a tape measure and right down the sizes best suited for that area.
  1. Choose the right color for the desired area
With so many colors and designs available, selecting the right finish just might be the most difficult part of your carpet- buying decision. Narrow your search by choosing shades that match the overall mood or tone you want to set for each room. Try cool blues or greens to create a calm, peaceful setting, and warm reds or golden shades to make a large space feel cozier. Light colors can make small rooms feel larger and more open, so try cream or tan if you’re feeling claustrophobic.
Before settling on a neutral shade, decide whether you want your carpet to serve as a focal point or fade into the background. Only go neutral if your walls, furnishings or artwork serve as focal points, as this can help you avoid a plain, monotone design.
Dark shades or patterns can hide stains, as can tweed or textured carpet designs. To make patterned rugs work with other patterns in a room, stick to designs within the same color family [source: Schmidt].
Always ask for carpet samples of each color you’re considering. Try to get the biggest samples available and take them home to examine them in natural light before you buy. Keep in mind that sun exposure can fade colored carpeting, so choose fade-resistant products if your carpet will be in direct sunlight [source: Carpet and Rug Institute].
  1. Maintenance
Last but not least, homeowners with young children or dogs and cats may want to avoid hard-to-clean or high-end carpets. Stain-resistant carpets can eliminate the frustration associated with spills and may cut your cleaning time.Always ask a salesperson about cleaning and maintenance requirements before you commit to buying. Find out how often you’ll need to clean and what special equipment or products the manufacturer recommends. Skip carpets with extensive maintenance requirements unless you have the extra time to perform these tasks.


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